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Step-by-Step Guide to the Application

You are more than just an application, a transcript and an essay. Here at Whittle, our admissions philosophy is that anything and everything about a student is relevant; we call this principle “life as application.” In addition to standard application components like grades and transcripts, we encourage students and their families to view the process as an opportunity to share their creativity and passions.

We are excited to support you through every step of applying to be a founding student here at Whittle. To begin to explore Whittle Schools & Studios:

Stage 1: Discovering Whittle

  • Attend a Parent Information Event
    • We look forward to receiving applications from across the country and around the world. If your location does not allow for attendance of a Whittle Information Event, please contact our office via email at mydcadmission@whittleschool.org so we can make special arrangements

Following your attendance at an information event, the application process will proceed to Stages 2 and 3.

Stage 2: Introducing Yourself

  • Submit Application Part 1 and submit the application fee
    • Introductory Information about student and parent(s)/guardian(s)
    • Upload Academic Record - School Report Card or Transcript 
      • We understand that at this stage your materials may be unofficial in nature. We encourage you to upload images of these materials now with official versions to follow in the future

Stage 3: Getting to Know Each Other

  • Review ‘Whittle Schools & Studios’ Information
  • Complete Application Part 2
    • Supplemental Information including Student and Parent Written Responses (grade level specific) and Boarding Questionnaire (if applicable)
    • Share Your World
      • Share Your World through a meaningful submission revealing your uniqueness as an applicant. This is not a required submission, but some examples of what you might share include:

        • Your student resume or curriculum vitae (CV)
        • Your student extracurricular resume cataloguing your interests and community engagement
        • An image that is special to you
        • A short piece of multimedia
        • A sample of creative writing or graded academic writing
        • Anything else that you feel best reflects you

    Note: If you are sharing a video with us, we ask that you upload the video link in a Microsoft Word document

    • A Conversation
      • Meeting applicant families is one of the most valuable and collaborative aspects of our admission process. We believe this experience is more valuable than a traditional interview. It is an opportunity for families to receive support from our team of admission counselors as we get to learn about one another and, most importantly, about your child's ideas, dreams, and talents. Learn more about the conversation on our FAQ page.
      • Upon receiving Part 1 of your application, we look forward to contacting you to schedule your Parent and Student (for appropriate grade levels) conversation with members of our admission team.  In order to make these conversations meaningful, we ask that families complete Application Part 2 prior to meeting with us.
    • Teacher Recommendation(s)
    • Assessment
      • Creating an ideal match between an applicant and Whittle School & Studios is an important part of the admission process. Grade level-appropriate assessments provide an applicant with the opportunity to reveal a readiness for the rigorous Whittle educational program. Our test requirements vary based on age, but the general guidelines are below:
        • Preschool through Grade 1: GDO-R (Gesell Developmental Observation - Revised)
        • Grade 2 & Grade 3: Whittle Assessment
        • Grade 4: ISEE* Primary 4 (Independent School Entrance Exam)
        • Grade 5 through Grade 10: ISEE* or SSAT*  (Secondary School Admissions Test)
          • *The MAP test may serve as an alternative when circumstances do not allow for the ISEE or SSAT to be taken
        • Please see the following link for more information on ISEE/SSAT testing.

For further information regarding the application, please reference the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) or email our admissions team at mydcadmission@whittleschool.org.